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Let’s ask Yushin Sensei

Let's ask Yushin Sensei
~Yushin Ryu Katana Skills~

This is the Yushin Ryu Katana Skill's official English channel, where the 2nd headmaster Seto Yushin sensei and Let's ask Shogo introduces techniques, events, and challenges related to the Japanese sword, katana. If you are even slightly interested in katana or Japanese Budo martial arts, there is no reason not to subscribe to our channel.

YouTube Channel Let's ask Yushin Sensei

"What is Yushin Ryu?"

Yushin-Ryu is an Iai, Kenjutsu, and Tameshigiri Dojo with its headquarters in Osaka, branches in Kyoto, Tokyo, and Mie. More than 100 students train in the Iai (katana drawing), Kenjutsu, and Tameshigiri (mat cutting) skills of this Ryuha style. It is a very unique modern Ryuha that has dual katana techniques, various left hand draw Kata, and Women's Iai.