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Samurai Training with Modern-day Musashi

One and Only
Samurai Training
in a Real Dojo

In this 120-minute activity, you will wear the proper training gear and hold real katana swords to train just like the samurai did. The experience of handling a katana correctly and cutting through objects will be something you will never forget.

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★The content of this experience★
1. Getting dressed in the training gear
2. Learning how to draw and sheath the katana safely
3. Learning how to swing the katana correctly
4. Cutting rolled tatami mats with a real katana
5. Watching the master's katana performance

★Why Choose Us★
1. An instructor with 20+ years of training
Many facilities have undertrained instructors who can only teach tourists. Your instructor here has over 100 students nationwide and over 20 years of training experience.
2. The venue is a real dojo
We are not a tourist spot but a real dojo where more than 20 students train regularly.
3. Everything is interpreted in English perfectly
Shogo from the YouTube “Let’s ask Shogo (1.6M subs)”, who is a student of this dojo himself, will interpret everything in English perfectly.