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Let’s ask Shogo

I'm Your
Japanese friend in Kyoto

I’m Shogo, a Kyoto born and Hiroshima raised Japanese, that grew up in Michigan America for 6 years, and studied Mandarin in Beijing university for a year! I live in Kyoto, as I train in Iaido (katana), Sadō (tea ceremony), Noh theatre, and Shakuhachi (bamboo flute). My dream is "to make all Japan lovers' dreams come true."

▷Started the channel: July 10th 2020
▷Achieved 10,000 subscribers: January 4th 2021
▷Achieved 100,000 subscribers: April 7th 2021
▷Achieved 250,000 subscribers: October 22nd 2021
▷Achieved 500,000 subscribers: December 18th 2021
▷Achieved 750,000 subscribers: January 23nd 2022
▷Achieved 1,000,000 subscribers: April 6th 2022
▷Achieved 2,000,000 subscribers: ??

YouTube Channel Let's ask Shogo

"Take a close look at
Japanese traditional culture,
tips on traveling Kyoto,
and Social problems in Japan."

In this channel, you can take a closer look at Japanese traditional culture, tips on traveling to Kyoto, and social problems in Japan. So learners and lovers of Japanese language and culture, be sure to subscribe to enjoy more content!